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Let Us Help You
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Financial Goals

Financial Goals



Sharing inspirational & practical insights for investors and online entrepreneurs. Learn how to increase your cashflow in today´s digital crypto world with DeFi,  masternodes & trading bots.

Sharing inspirational & practical insights for investors and online entrepreneurs. Learn how to increase your cashflow in today´s digital world of crypto assets with DeFi,  masternodes & trading bots. 

What We Do

I am president of Asset-Ethology and a passionate crypto / stock-market swing trader and long-term crypto and real estate investor. In order to increase cashflow we´are accumulating MIS (multiple-income-streams) assets with intrinsic value in crypto space like masternodes as well as real estate assets in the real world. We want to share our knowledge to people who are willing to learn and who want to build long-term wealth.  


As an experienced and successful crypto and stock market trader and investor my passion is to help other people to stop losing their hard earned money and to teach them how to become a successful trader/investor. With crypto finally everyone has the opportunity to front-run Wall St. and to become financially independent faster than ever before. 


We produce educational videos about trading, investing and videos about CASH-FLOW opportunities in crypto to help people which are new to crypto to get started. Learn about trading, masternodes and decentralized finance (DeFi).  Build your own IMPERIUM and WEALTH from PASSIVE INCOME streams.
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Insider Information

The most money you can make in new markets / trends when you get in early. With insider information you can benefit from high information asymmetry which is an opportunity for you, the early investor. On our website you can find free sample reports written by experts which are insider in insider circles / groups. But remember, real insider information is never for free! However, with insider information you position yourself to make life-changing money! 

Need Advice?

If you are new to trading / investing and
if you have never heard anything about masternodes, trading bots or DeFi and you have no glue where to start we will help you to find out what is the best for you. This depends on many factors, like on your age, long-term goals and the current financial situation you are in right now. There is no “one-fits-all” approach for wealth building. You can book a free consultation session  – just contact us with the contact form which you can
find on the “contact page”
or join our community.

e-Books & Courses

On our Website you can find many online courses and eBooks.
Most of them are even for free! We recommend to read some of these eBooks and/or acquire insider information which you can find on our website and you should take some courses before you book a consultation session with us. You should have a basic understanding and it would be good when you bring already some financial education with you. Additional information you can get in our free > AEME Telegram channel <.



Testimonial 1

All the second guessing and stress are goneThese online courses are the best investment I’ve made for my future and worth every penny.”

Phlip S.

Donavan - Masternode Testimonial

Testimonial 2

I urge everyone who is interested in Crypto to stop wasting your time and money and invest in these courses & insider information.


Testimonial Sergio Farias

Testimonial 3

I was doubtful about the courses but I decided to give it a try. Since finishing the classes I already made three times what the classes cost.” 

Sergio Farias

My Story

I´m President and Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of Asset-Ethology (AEME) and a furthermore I´m a Certified Financial Technician (CFTe). My crypto journey began in mid-2017 right before the hyperbolic explosion of crypto asset prices.
Back then I already had great knowledge about our corrupt financial system we live in. I knew about diversification and about the importance of scarce assets which help to protect / increase monetary energy. As I have first heard about Bitcoin I was immediately interested. After I have read some books about Bitcoin and Satoshi Nakamoto´s whitepaper “A Peer-to-Peer Electric Cash System” I was blown away from this new digital assed based on Blockchain-tech (also called “DLT”) which solves the double spending problem without the need of any middle mans.
I recognized that Bitcoin could be the future of money. At that time I had only exposure to hard assets like gold & silver and classic cars. I knew that I have found the missing part in my portfolio – “crypto assets”. I was fascinated about Bitcoin, about the transparency and fairness in this censorship-resistant decentralized system. I recognized that we were in an early uptrend and that I should position myself into this volatile asset class as soon as possible to take advantage of this strong uptrend as early investor. Finally it was possible to escape the unfair corrupt fiat system where monetary energy was melting away month after month (caused by the “hidden tax” – inflation). Finally it was possible for everyone, the poor and the middle-class, to front-run Wall Street to make life-changing profits.

I think you can imagine what happened afterwards I have invested in Bitcoin.
I have invested quite a lot of my money in Bitcoin and I saw altcoins exploding like crazy! To make even more gains I exchanged almost all of my Bitcoins into altcoins and my crypto portfolio had grown to almost a half-million USD (~ 5x from where I started) by the end of 2017.

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