My Story

I´m President and Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of Asset-Ethology (AEME) and a furthermore I´m a Certified Financial Technician (CFTe).
My crypto journey began in mid-2017 right before the hyperbolic explosion of crypto asset prices. Back then I already had great knowledge about our corrupt financial system we live in. I knew about diversification and about the importance of scarce assets which help to protect / increase monetary energy. As I have first heard about Bitcoin I was immediately interested. After I have read some books about Bitcoin and Satoshi Nakamoto´s whitepaper “A Peer-to-Peer Electric Cash System” I was blown away from this new digital assed based on Blockchain-tech (also called “DLT”) which solves the double spending problem without the need of any middle mans.
I recognized that Bitcoin could be the future of money. At that time I had only exposure to hard assets like gold & silver and classic cars. I knew that I have found the missing part in my portfolio – “crypto assets”. I was fascinated about Bitcoin, about the transparency and fairness in this censorship-resistant decentralized system. I recognized that we were in an early uptrend and that I should position myself into this volatile asset class as soon as possible to take advantage of this strong uptrend as early investor. Finally it was possible to escape the unfair corrupt fiat system where monetary energy was melting away month after month (caused by the “hidden tax” – inflation). Finally it was possible for everyone, the poor and the middle-class, to front-run Wall Street to make life-changing profits.

I think you can imagine what happened afterwards I have invested in Bitcoin. I have invested quite a lot of my money in Bitcoin and I saw altcoins exploding like crazy! To make even more gains I exchanged almost all of my Bitcoins into altcoins and my crypto portfolio had grown to almost a half-million USD (~ 5x from where I started) by the end of 2017.

The problem was that I had no trading experience and no experience with on-chain analysis at that time. So I heard on the opinions of other traders and “crypto experts”. Almost everyone (today I know that the consensus of the majority is almost always wrong) at that time was quite sure that the current crash we were in (2017/2018) was just a correction and that we will see new all-time-highs very soon. As you all know it was a Bitcoin cycle top and BTC future markets where introduced. Some months later also altcoins crashed hard as ICOs where completely banned in China. “Crypto experts” still recommended the “HODL-strategy” at that time. To make it short – I have lost all my gains and even almost everything what I have initially invested. Many altcoins dropped over 95% in value!

Nevertheless, I continued reading finance books, book about investing and trading. Furthermore, I have taken expensive trading courses in order to learn from my mistakes. As the dust settled and the bottom was finally in I invested almost everything I had in Bitcoin and high-quality altcoins at a time when others where capitulating (“be greedy when others are fearful”).

Today I am a successful swing trader and self-made millionaire.
To become a crypto millionaire you need to have an “ironmind” to stomach the high volatility of this asset class. During last few years, during the crypto winter, I have acquired in-depth knowledge about trading, investing, portfolio management, masternodes and decentralized finance.
During these years I was still working in my day-to-day job as analysis engineer from early morning till late evening and besides all the stress I never gave up and learned more about crypto and finance. It was a hard time, I worked hard and was setting 70-120 / week in front of computers!

There is no easy way to become a millionaire when you´re not from a rich family which supports you. However, if you want to become rich, crypto is the fast-lane out of the rat-race!

Today I am a PRO swing trader, a crypto trading bot and a masternode expert.
If you are new to crypto, all this might be overwhelming to you. Please do your own research and due-diligence before investing. Do NOT invest in any HYIPs and NEVER expose your private keys!

Let start your journey today – do not procrastinate – successful people just do it – just fucking do it and invest in crypto to become financially independent.

Mark Twain once said:
“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines! Sail away from safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover!”

Feedback & Reviews

What customers are saying about me and about our services at AEME?
Read about what experience they have made with us.
Some of the latest feedback / reviews we have received:

“I personally know the president and CIO of Asset-Ethology for almost 10 years now. We have studied together at the Staffordshire University. He has graduated there in the field of computer science and AI. He is an AI specialist and has in-depth knowledge in finance.
For this reason I trusted him and assigned him to manage a part of my portfolio with his AI trading bots. So far I´m very satisfied with the performance.”

Jo Greenstreet

Senior Finance Manager at Bentley Motors Inc

“Portfolio managers at AEME are very professional. They manage portfolios of their clients based on their personal circumstances and create a personal risk-profile for them. They´re not only focused on good portfolio performance, but also keep the risk controlled with portfolio rotation strategies, hedging-strategies, downside-protection mechanisms like stop losses etc. Finally I have found a company which I can trust, which manages my crypto assets with controlled risk. “

Manson Wong

CPA – Accounting Officer at ING-DiBa

“I am an author at Coingeek and so I am well informed in crypto space. However, in most cases the information published in crypto articles is just news. You should never invest based on news because someone, some insiders are ahead of you and when you read the news it is already too late to make any financial decisions based on this. Therefore, I am a Premium member at AEME to get insider information. The information revealed is so valuable that I have already gotten back at least 10-times the money which I have invested for these reports.
That´s no joke – seriously! “

Neil Smith

Author at Coingeek

What Can We Do for You?

If you are fully committed we can teach you how to become financially independent over the long-run. This is no rich quick scheme or a ponzi system! However, if you have the right mindset if and are willing to learn new things and if you stick to your plans and to the strategy we reveal, you can achieve everything with our guidance. 

We at Asset-Ethology offer various services for our clients.
Do not hesitate to contact us.

We help others to stop losing their hard earned money and to teach them how to become a successful trader/investor.
With crypto finally everyone has the opportunity to front-run Wall Street and to become financially independent faster than ever before. 

We are working very hard for our clients, to help them to reach their financial goals. We always do our best and improve our services regularly.

You should be aware, that you need to have a strong mindset to stomach the extreme volatility in crypto space, but that´s the price you have to pay for unbelievable life-changing returns. On our website you can also find free eBooks and AudioBooks for personal development and mindset. Mindset is one of the most underrated things when it comes to investing and trading.

We help you to become educated and financially independent.

One of the most important asset is financial education.
The most important commodity is insider information. Every time there is a considerable asymmetries in information between the masses / herd and insiders you can benefit extensively from this information asymmetry.
With the insider information we provide you can even front-run Wall Street!

For this reason we recommend to read some of our reports to acquire  insider knowledge before contacting us. The more informed you are when contacting us, the more valuable, custom-tailored advice we can give you.

Reports & eBooks

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Need Advice?

If you are new to trading / investing and if you have never heard anything about masternodes, trading bots or DeFi and you have no glue where to start we will help you to find out what is the best for you. This depends on many factors, like on your age, long-term goals and the current financial situation you are in right now. There is no “one-fits-all” approach for wealth building. You can book a free consultation session – just contact us with the contact form which you can find on the “contact page” or join our community.

Please note, Asset-Ethology – Association for Research of Monetary Energy (hereafter “AEME”) is NOT a REGISTERED BROKER, ANALYST OR INVESTMENT ADVISOR. Services, content and information provided by AEME are educational and should not be treated as financial advisory services or investment advice.
Do not take the opinions expressed explicitly or implicitly in this communication as investment advice. The opinions expressed are our own and are based on statistical data analysis. Past performance does not guarantee future success. In addition, the assumptions and the historical data based on which an opinion is made could be faulty. All results and analyses expressed are hypothetical and are NOT guaranteed. Trading and investment in cryptocurrencies involves substantial risk of loss and is not recommended for anyone that is not a trained investor — it shall be. Conducted at your own risk. It is recommended that you never risk more than you are willing to lose. Leverage trading has large potential rewards but also large potential risks. If you are not an investment professional please consult one before risking capital. Statistically back-tested trading ideas are generated by AEME´s own proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms.
AEME is not responsible for any losses that occur as a result of our services.

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